The Power of Paper Charts

paper medical charts can be a HIPAA security risk

Will paper charts bring you down? The veterinarian we saw a couple years ago was not engaged with technology.  I’ll bet they used updated medical technology in the back rooms for the animals, but there […]

Is CyberSecurity really necessary?

If you use computers in your business, then YES, CyberSecurity is crucial! What is CyberSecurity?   Just as a home security system helps to protect your home, CyberSecurity helps to protect your electronic computer data. […]

Win with Wireless

Is Your Wireless Keyboard Plotting Against You? We’re all using wireless these days. Wireless headphones, surveillance systems, x-box controllers, even wireless speakers. No one thinks about security to protect your music or video game scores […]

Malicious Malware Monitoring You

hacker-proof telephones

Don’t fall for ‘spoofing’ A local resident recently spoke with his dental office on his smartphone.  After disconnecting, his smart phone began to ring again.  The caller identified herself as being from his dental office […]

3 Symptoms of Infection

Healthcare IT hands typing patient information cybersecurity protection

3 Symptoms of Infection Health care providers use preventative care to keep their patients healthy. But when a patient isn’t healthy, they use symptoms and signs to diagnose the ailment. We should all treat our workstations […]

Have you read Mal-vertising???

newsprint letters

You probably don’t want to!   Your computer network could be leaking private information right now without your knowledge or consent!  What is Malvertising? Mal-vertising (from “malicious advertising”) is the use of online advertising to spread […]

Security Breach Alert

How do you know if your computing systems have been breached or not? 80% of computer system breaches go undetected for more than 6 months! Your computer network could be leaking private information right now […]

Is anyone looking out for YOUR security?

Do You Know Who Is Watching Your World? Ever get that creepy feeling that someone is watching you or following you? Cautiously glancing over your shoulder, you expect to see a shadowy figure duck into […]