3 Symptoms of Infection

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3 Symptoms of Infection

 Health care providers use preventative care to keep their patients healthy. But when a patient isn't healthy, they use symptoms and signs to diagnose the ailment.

if your computer is showing signs of infection, act now.We should all treat our workstations and computers similarly. We all do our best to keep our software up to date and regularly scan our computers.  But do you really know what signs and symptoms of infection to look for should your computer become infected?
It's acting Sluggish
Many of us hit that 2pm plateau of energy during the work day, and are just dragging our feet because we feel tired. Your computer can behave in a similar matter. When your computer is acting sluggish, lagging, or not responding to your keystrokes or mouse movements, it may have become infected or be under attack.
A Mind of its Own
Suddenly your computer is acting like it has been taken over by an invisible entity. You have programs that are automatically deploying themselves on your desktop, perhaps applications that you don't even regularly use. Or the opposite is happening and your software is crashing and force-closing. It looks as if someone has taken control of your mouse and it's bouncing all over the screen. If this is happening, it could be a sign that perhaps your computer has a malicious entity (aka a VIRUS) hanging out behind that screen.
Unfamiliar toolbars, unwanted programs or pop-ups
Not only are programs opening and closing, but you look through your application list and see programs you don't recall installing on your computer. On your internet browser, you see toolbars at the top of the window that were never there before. Even worse, you have random pop-ups populating your desktop, advertisements for a myriad of different things, and you can't seem to make them go away no matter what you do. You are most likely infected and at risk for a data breach!

It's probably too late - you've just been hacked!

Do you know what to do if you're infected?

Not only is it important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a computer that is infected, it is even more important to prevent the infection.

Do you know that highly sophisticated malware is specifically designed to run quietly in the background while you're using your computer? That's right - it's invisible! For this reason alone, please don't EVER operate any business computer without business-grade internet security software. It just isn't worth the risk!

If you’re in the healthcare field and over 500 patient records were involved, you must:

  • Report the breach to your patients
  • Notify the news media of your failure to protect your patient’s personal information
  • Brace yourself for fines and penalties from the HHS (The HIPAA ‘Police’)

If you are seeing signs of infection or need help healing an infected computer, call someone for help immediately!  

To set up a preventative treatment plan to protect your business and your patient's or client's data, give us a call today at 541.494.2099.  We've got great new software tools to protect your entire office from infection.

Small changes make a BIG difference in the safety of your business data and your patient or client safety.
When you're ready to get started with these simple changes but aren't sure just how to implement them, give us a call at 541.494.2099.  It's what we do.