• Death by CHEAP IT
    Being cheap with IT nearly crippled them. Southwest Airlines recently had a huge fiasco during their busiest season that resulted in 16,700 cancelled flights, which left people stranded all across the United states. The chaos […]
  • Your cyber security insurance may not cover this!
    “I don’t need to do more smart things. I just need to do fewer dumb things.” Keith Cunningham made this correct observation in his book in his book “The Road Less Stupid.” Many smart business […]
  • FTC Announces BIG Changes for Business IT Security
    What is the Safeguards rule? The cyber security Safeguards Rule was created for financial institutions to abide by to ensure protection of client data. However, recent amendments made by the FTC now broaden the definition […]
  • Don’t forget to do these 3 things before the holiday
    Did you know that more than 250,000 properties a year experience flooding from burst water pipes, most of which happen in the winter months?
  • 4 Ways to Stay Safe While Online Shopping
    If you and your employees don’t practice these four rules to stay safer (notice I didn’t say safe) shopping online, you could be setting yourselves and your business up to become victims of identity theft, fraud, and more.