• A $1.6 Billion lesson
    The cost of the required temporary shutdown…is predicted to reach somewhere around $1.6 BILLION before the year is over. It’s a harrowing remind that cyber-attacks can linger inconspicuously, waiting for the opportune moment to unleash its reign of terror. Cyber security is a must.
  • 5 Steps To Take When Your Computer Has Been Hacked
    When you suspect your computer has been hacked or your network breached, the human thing to do is panic. But what you do next dictates the difference between a small annoyance and a catastrophic event that brings business to a screeching halt and opens the door to legal and financial trouble.
  • Medford Medical Office Victim of Ransomware
    Over the Memorial Day weekend, a Rogue Valley medical office was the victim of a ransomware attack. Patient records and images were compromised. Outside partners seemingly have not been affected or compromised. The substantial cyber… Read more: Medford Medical Office Victim of Ransomware
  • 6 cyber security practices to follow on vacation
    Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, do not get complacent. Reduce the risk of a data breach or other cyber security issue by following these best practices.
  • 3 Strategies to Implement to Stay Competitive
    People were forced to work remotely using un-secure home WiFi, laptops and cellphones. Cyber criminals went gang busters during the lockdown