Dark Web Scan

The anonymity of the Dark Web provides the perfect base for hackers to work from.

dark web scan for Medford businessesThe Internet, as most of us know it, is but a small part of the web ‘pie’.  Lurking mostly below the radar, and home to all types of unwanted activities, are the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

The Deep Web is mostly innocuous, housing educational and governmental digital libraries.

At the bottom of the pile, the Dark Web is a murky place for all sorts of illegal activity.  It is here that criminals make trades of stolen personal identities, medical records, credit card numbers, and more.

Making matters worse, most of us are lazy with our credentials and personal info – both at work and at home. A Dark Web scan can illuminate what lurks below.

  • A Google survey found at least 65% of people reuse passwords across multiple, if not all, sites
  • The average person reuses each password as many as 14 times
  • 72% of individuals reuse passwords in their personal life
  • 49% of employees simply change or add a digit / character when updating their company password
  • 73% of users duplicate their passwords in both their personal and work accounts

Compromised passwords are responsible for 81% of hacking-related breaches.

How can you know if YOUR information is out there – get a Dark Web Scan for you and your business!

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