Cyber Security Review

Cyber Security Review for dental officeDental & Medical office technology is complex.  Like you, most Medical Professionals don’t have time to focus on your medical specialty AND be a computer tech.  But never go without an annual Cyber Security Review!

Do you actually KNOW how healthy your computer network really is?

I’ll bet you require an ‘Initial Exam’ for new patients, right?  It likely includes X-rays, physical condition overview, a list of medications, and lab work.  An initial Cyber Security Review is much the same – but from a ‘techie’ perspective.  We take a look at your servers, router configurations, firewalls, and more.

Next we compile our findings and return a report to you outlining any changes recommended to boost the Cyber Security of your Practice.

If you want to protect your patients, your staff, and your Practice, it’s time to invest in data protection – an annual Cyber Security Review

Our team will look over your office, asking some questions and getting a good sense of where things stand in your Cyber Risk Profile.  Basically, we determine the ACTUAL state of your Cyber Security. Then, we will present you with our findings and recommendations. Normally a $400 service, we are now performing ONLY TWO Cyber Risk Check-Up’s as a no obligation public service twice per month.

We’re happy to answer your questions and provide assistance to you along the way.  You see, we are as passionate about IT and Cyber Security as you are about medicine – it’s what we live for!

Protecting your data is protecting YOU!   It’s time for a Cyber Security Review.

A $400 value, we’re offering only two at no-cost this month.  Don’t wait – give us a call today to secure your no-cost Cyber Security Review.

Call me for a Cyber Security Review If you prefer, send your name and phone number – we’re happy to call you!