Optical Tech Support

Optical Tech Support Services

The combination of sophisticated optical equipment and office computers can be found in most optical practices.  Unfortunately, the systems are often configured to operate separately, duplicating efforts, frustration, and equipment costs.  Experienced optical tech support can fix all this.14425251_m

Our technicians thrive on the challenge of integrating this equipment so your office can function more seamlessly and more efficiently.  It’s amazing what joy arises when computer popups disappear, the imaging machine ‘talks’ to the computer, and everyone can print to the main printer!

Though every office is a little different, we work closely with you and your staff to ensure YOUR specific practices and YOUR specific habits are considered.

Running a modern Optical Practice means integrating the latest technology innovations.  Meshing i-Cat images and practice management software means an increased dependence on your computer network.

More doctors are moving toward an entirely paperless office.  This focus, coupled with all the insurance and compliance issues should lead to increased Doctor and staff productivity.

We support all practice management & imaging software

  • Optos Imaging ®
  • MaximEyes ®
  • EyeCom ®
  • Many others

Let Action DataTel handle the integration of your Optical practice's specialty equipment to the computer and network.

Call or contact us today for a free consultation or instant support for your Optical practice   888-468-6301

Take Control of your HIPAA Compliance Today

Simplify & Comply Online Dashboard


Online Risk Management Portal

Simplify Compliance management on this customized online dashboard.  Facilitates and tracks updates, changes, staff training, policies, procedures, and more – All in one place!

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Managed IT

Relax knowing our software tools are always monitoring your hardware, software, and network.  This maintenance locates hard drive errors and overheated computers before they shut down unexpectedly.  Management brings reliability and more uptime, for increased productivity.

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Firewall Log Monitoring

HIPAA requires you know ‘who’ is accessing ‘what’ and ‘when’.  When you have access to your network logs, you’ll have the answer – every time.

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Encrypted Data Backup

Data Backups should be redundant.  Our clients’ are!  Your business depends on your backup.  Don’t be without one.

Get Encrypted Backups


HIPAA is here, and it is being enforced.  It’s time to engage in a compliance program.  We work with each individual client, identifying security gaps, closing them, and maintaining proper security.

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Automate Updates

Let us manage your software updates – automatically!  Your Operating system and software applications are more secure and more efficient when fully patched.

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Encrypted Email

Our secure encrypted email service is very easy to setup and use.  Email messages are encrypted before sending so the system is HIPAA, GLBA, and/or SOX compliant!  The recipient can easily retrieve the message.

Secure Email Today

Advanced Security

Take protection to a higher level with our Advanced Security Services.

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