Optical Tech Support

optical tech supportThe combination of sophisticated optical equipment and office computers is common in optical practices.  Unfortunately, the systems are often configured to operate independently which duplicates efforts, frustration, and equipment costs.  Experienced optical tech support can fix all this.

We support all practice management & imaging software

  • Optos Imaging ®
  • MaximEyes ®
  • EyeCom ®
  • Many others

Our Technicians Thrive on a Challenge!

Our technicians thrive on the challenge of integrating this equipment so your office can function more seamlessly and efficiently.  It’s amazing what joy arises when computer popups disappear, the imaging machine ‘talks’ to the computer, and everyone can print to the main printer!

Though every office is a little different, we work closely with your staff to ensure YOUR specific practices and YOUR specific workflow habits are considered.

Running a modern Optical Practice means integrating the latest technology innovations.  Meshing i-Cat images and practice management software brings an increased dependence on your computer network.


Make sure your machines, internet and other digitized equipment are all communicating correctly. We ensure that everything from your computers to your wifi and even digital imaging systems are all connected correctly and functioning exactly how they are supposed to.

Optical Imaging Set-Up and Support

Are you switching machines or adding a new device to your office? Don’t sweat it, we can help with set-up, implementation and support!

Paperless Office Implementation

Switch from paper to digital and save yourself and your team the hassle. We can help transition your office to paperless and keep you HIPPA compliant in the process.