Security Awareness Training

Consistent, repetitive Security Awareness Training is the cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Security Awareness TrainingTeam members who are regularly exposed to effective security awareness training and who practice appropriate responses are better able to react to real-time cyber-emergencies without hesitation, fear or mistakes.

  • No-cost to you!
  • Easy-to-access online training dashboard
  • On-demand engagement reports

The faster someone responds to a threat, the faster the organization can react and recuperate.

Why Should You Train Your Team?

  • The #1 threat to your business is YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES.  Human error remains THE #1 CAUSE of data breaches.
  • Studies show that consistent, repetitive training leads to a lower risk of human error.
  • It is far easier and cheaper to train your team how to see and avoid cyber criminals than to recover from a cyber-attack or ransomware.
  • Did You Know? 90% of data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords.*
*Source:: Osterman Research’s State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report

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