Have you read Mal-vertising???

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You probably don’t want to!  

Your computer network could be leaking private information right now without your knowledge or consent! 

What is Malvertising?
Mal-vertising (from “malicious advertising”) is the use of online advertising to spread malware. Mal-vertising involves injecting malicious or malware-laden advertisements into legitimate online advertising networks and webpages.

Any website (msn.com) you and your computer visit could be, and most likely is, serving up virus-infected ads.  When clicked, or even just passively viewed in your browser, these ads can exploit a vulnerability and infect your computer with Malware, a Virus, or Trojan. This is typically accomplished via an out-of-date program (Windows, Adobe Reader, Java, etc.).

Instantly your private information begins leaking to cyber criminals looking to steal your identity and your money! Standard Anti-Virus programs, which use a Black List method, are no longer an effective strategy for stopping these kind of cyber criminal attacks.  This doesn’t mean you should disable or remove your current AntiVirus – instead, add another security layer!

Threats such as Malvertising are precisely the reason you should be running a wide-spectrum blocker in your internet browser, such as uBlock Origin. Currently, both Firefox and Chrome support the uBlock Origin browser plugin.

uBlock Origin is a lightweight and efficient wide-spectrum blocker that is easy on resources. The uBlock extension has no monetization strategy and development is volunteered. It functions with Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chromium. Action DataTel recommends using Firefox.  There is no cost to the end-user for the uBlock Origin plugin.

Other blockers, such as AdBlock Plus, are not recommended because they do allow “acceptable ads” into your computer. The system behind the AdBlock Plus program relies upon “white listing” and lacks transparency.

It must be noted that uBlock Origin and other singular security tools and products are ineffective when used alone.  The fight against preventing cyber criminal computer network hacks, break ins or breaches has no magic silver bullet.  A comprehensive security strategy using a multi-layered approach is the only effective way to prevent, detect and recover from cyber-thug attacks to your computer system. uBlock Origin is just ONE of those many layers.

Get uBlock Origin here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/

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