The ADA is hit by Ransomware

American Dental Association Ransomware Attack is an Imminent Threat for Small Dental Offices The American Dental Association was a victim of a Ransomware attack this weekend, with a new hacker group called Black Basta claiming […]

Protecting Precious Passwords

Protect Your Precious Passwords! These days, EVERYTHING has a password. And too many people use the same password for every login OR collect sticky notes under their keyboard. Either way – you’re just asking for […]

Boost your Business CyberSecurity

Office staff training for business cybersecurity

3 Simple Steps to Boost your Business CyberSecurity Cyber-attacks are real, damaging and terrifying! To make it worse, hackers are targeting small and mid-size businesses. It’s time to boost your business cybersecurity protection! You don’t […]

The KEY to Your Vacation and Facebook

Hello from the Cyber Trenches, Our belief is that we have a moral and ethical obligation to deliver this Cyber Security Check bulletin for your protection, especially for your vacation and Facebook! A quick story. […]

Beef up Anti-Breach Barriers

Since the 1990’s, internet-users have relied upon Anti-Virus programs to stay safe from web-based dangers.  It’s time to upgrade to anti-breach software! With exponential advances in technology and the internet, traditional anti-virus is no longer […]

4 Things Hackers Hate

Just like common burglars seeking an open window or unlocked car, hackers are looking for an easy mark.  Time to do the things hackers hate! Sure – some of them are going after Sony, Home […]

ALERT: Oregon Cyber-Attacks and Hijacks!

Welcome to Monday – Oregon Cyber-Attacks! …Schedule a security upgrade NOW  During the last 24 hours, we have seen more than 370,000 Oregon cyber-attacks! That’s the 8th worst in the US, yet we rank 28th […]

Activate and Automate in Your Business

Keeping Technology Up-to-Date is a Pain… To feel better, Automate!! My eyes usually roll when the ‘automated receptionist’ answers the phone, endlessly repeating instructions to: press 1… press 2… remain on the line to complete […]

The Power of Paper Charts

paper medical charts can be a HIPAA security risk

Will paper charts bring you down? The veterinarian we saw a couple years ago was not engaged with technology.  I’ll bet they used updated medical technology in the back rooms for the animals, but there […]

Is CyberSecurity really necessary?

If you use computers in your business, then YES, CyberSecurity is crucial! What is CyberSecurity?   Just as a home security system helps to protect your home, CyberSecurity helps to protect your electronic computer data. […]