Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax delivers secure electronic documents to any fax number!

Cloud Fax uses Windows Fax and ScanCloud Fax is a HIPPA, PCI DSS and HITRUST compliant, hybrid fax solution. You save money by utilizing the internet for fax document delivery instead of clogging up a dedicated phone or fax line.  And all this while keeping your existing fax number! This modern faxing solution can be configured on a Lexmark MFP (Multi-Function Printer).  Alternately, it is easily used with Windows Fax and Scan software and almost any scanner or Multi-Function Printer/Scanner.

Cloud Fax allows you to digitize your workflow and optimize your business processes. Sending and receiving faxes securely, via an internet connection is an important feature for any company.  Businesses with compliance requirements, especially in the financial, medical, and dental fields love this service.

The monthly CloudFax service is perfect for small to mid-sized business that send and receive referrals, medical charts and other documents but aren’t faxing thousands of documents monthly.  Eliminate the cost of your extra phone line today!

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