Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email

Hosted Microsoft ExchangeHosted Microsoft Exchange is an email server that is used by over 50% of businesses in the United States.  The reason for its popularity is that Exchange is very scalable, secure, reliable, and functional.  Exchange allows your employees to collaborate as a team and share contacts, calendars, email, tasks and notes. Additionally, Exchange allows you to use as many computers as you would  like…and the information in Outlook is the same on every one!

Our hosted Exchange service allows you to plug in different methods of mobile access to retrieve your information from your mobile device. Access your information everywhere, anytime, any way you like.

Collaborate as a Team and Share Contacts, Calendars, Email, Tasks and Notes

Some Exchange Benefits:

  • Unlimited Storage Mailbox
  • Sharing Contacts with coworkers
  • Sharing Calendars with coworkers
  • Assigning Tasks to/from/with coworkers
  • Share Email with coworkers
  • All of your data is synchronized on several computers at different locations.
  • All of your data can be synchronized with your mobile phone!
  • If your hard drive crashes, you are able to re-download all of your Outlook data back to your new computer!
  • Out of Office auto replies
  • NO Capital Investment – Pay as you go

Each Full-Access Exchange account includes the following features:

  • FREE Outlook
  • Mailbox Type – Full Access, Web Access, and POP3 Access
  • ActiveSync
  • Secure Encrypted Email Service
  • Public Folders
  • Mailbox Re-Attach
  • Item Level Recovery
  • Domain Alias
  • Outlook Web Access SSL
  • Mailbox Export to PST
  • Email Signature
  • Split Domain
  • Voicemail Mailbox
  • Quota Add – 1 gig
  • NotifySync
  • Spam & Virus Filtering


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