Protecting Precious Passwords

Protect Your Precious Passwords!

Keep your passwords secure, under lock and keyThese days, EVERYTHING has a password. And too many people use the same password for every login OR collect sticky notes under their keyboard. Either way – you’re just asking for trouble!
It’s time for a Password Manager.  This life-saver keeps all your user names and passwords safe from prying eyes or crafty hackers.  With one master password – the only one you have to remember – you can unlock the vault and access all your logins.

Time to shred those sticky notes!

 Store unique, complex passwords in a Password Manager program!

1 – Set a Master Password
2 – Memorize it
3 – Stop stressing about passwords!
*4 – If you’re still unsure, document the master password, seal it into an envelope, and lock it up in your home safe or safety deposit box.

My Password Manager is loaded on my work PC, laptop, and my phone. I have folders for both business and personal logins. This way, I can easily access my passwords anytime, anywhere.

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Which One Do I Use?

Lock up your passwords

Many Password Manager programs are free to use – some are subscription-based. We like the Open-source variety, as users and developers from across the globe constantly collaborate to improve the program code and functionality.

Beware of browser-based programs, as internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) are basically software programs which are a target for hackers. Instead, we recommend one, such as Password Safe, which stores the password database on your computer.

Simple to Set Up

Just download the program, install, and begin listing your logins! You can easily create groups, such as personal, business, banking, insurance, social, etc. This helps to organize your login credentials.

Each password record allows for the destination URL (such as, the username (such as and the password.

Easy to Use

Keep your passwords secret with a Password Manager

Once you’ve created a password record, it’s easy to log in.

Using our Gmail example, select the Gmail entry from the list. With the click of the mouse, you can connect to the URL (, auto-input your username, then auto-input the password.

No need to remember lengthy passwords, or enter them by hand.


It’s the best feature, as far as I’m concerned. I still have complete control of my logins – if I forget my complex Amazon password, I can still reset it because Amazon uses my email address.

For everyday use, a Password Manager has simplified my work day – it is definitely the way to go!

What Good are Secrets if They’re not Safe??

Set up a Password Manager today!