ALERT: Oregon Cyber-Attacks and Hijacks!

Welcome to Monday – Oregon Cyber-Attacks!

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During the last 24 hours, we have seen more than 370,000 Oregon cyber-attacks!

That’s the 8th worst in the US, yet we rank 28th in population. As a group, we are not very secure!

Your neighborhood businesses, Government Organizations, and private citizens are being attacked at exponentially escalating rates.

What can You Do Today?

Please see attached attack statistics map for Oregon Cyber-attacks (courtesy of Akamai).

Oregon Cyber-Attacks
Here are five simple steps to help prevent cyber security hacking:

  1. Keep your computer systems Updated –  Use Automated Security Updates!
  2. Breach Prevention Software – Use Automatic behavior based anti-spyware
  3. Use Automated encrypted onsite and offsite backups with unlimited revisions
  4. Use UNIQUE user id and passwords for ALL user accounts
  5. Change the default passwords on devices – choose your own, custom password

FACT: There are nearly 20 Billion internet connected devices on the planet today; in three years there could be as many as 50 Billion!

Each smart phone, computer, server, Wi-Fi access point, tablet, thermostat, television, and doorbell is a threat, and a target!

WHY? Because people are NOT doing the bare minimum to protect these devices from cyber hacker hijackers.

As a citizen, you have a civic responsibility to take basic steps protecting your systems so they don’t become Hacked, Hijacked and converted into an attack platform which can be used against your neighbors.

In some cases, such as compliance regulated businesses, you may have a legal obligation to exercise “Reasonable Diligence” to protect your network.  This means you must exercise a level of care and prudence expected from a person (or business) seeking to satisfy a legal requirement under similar circumstances.

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