Activate and Automate in Your Business

Keeping Technology Up-to-Date is a Pain…

To feel better, Automate!!

automate your business and save moneyMy eyes usually roll when the ‘automated receptionist’ answers the phone, endlessly repeating instructions to:

press 1…
press 2…
remain on the line to complete a short survey…

Some days it really pegs my frustration meter!

While I realize there are many things in today’s world that automated systems are great for, in my opinion answering the phone just isn’t one of them!  For that matter, cleaning my teeth, imaging my eyes, and handling my investment portfolio definitely don’t fall into that category, either.

Some tasks are perfect for automation!

Let’s talk about pesky software updates.  We see these frustrate people all the time.  You see the popup and click ‘ignore’.  But it comes back.  For weeks you continue to click ‘ignore‘ with good intentions to get to installing them later.  Just not now – you’re busy!  Then it’s the day for your big presentation.  The projector is ready, your laptop is perched to begin the PowerPoint presentation, and…

The screen goes dark.  ‘Installing updates.  Do not power off your computer”.  But it’s time to begin your presentation – Now what?  This could take HOURS!

Updating software is mundane and often irritating, but is a serious privacy & security responsibility in your business.  Some of the best preventative medicine you can give your computer network is to apply security patches and updates in a timely fashion.  Time to automate!

Automate repetitious IT tasks in your businessRoutine is key – You’ll feel better with Automation!

Adopting automation within your business allows these updates to be scheduled within your company’s maintenance window – typically at night.

Nothing like the annoying updates using up the nighttime hours instead of bothering you while you’re trying to work.

Internal IT Staff Can’t Compete with Automated Processes

Typically, internal IT teams are overstretched.  Because this team is a significant line in the budget, you probably keep them busy!  It’s time to take advantage of co-managing your IT maintenance.  Instead of splurging for the expensive automation software, engage a qualified Managed IT Provider who relies upon these tools every day.

This valuable partnership frees your internal team to focus on tackling the hands-on staff interactions within your company, while the repetitive, mundane tasks are automated to occur after-hours.

business automation leaves more time for having funAutomation is highly effective for:

  • Monthly Operating system updates
  • 3rd Party Application updates (Flash, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Google Chrome, & many more)
  • Practice Management Software Upgrades
  • Firmware updates to your routers and firewalls
  • Data backups and Encryption

Larger organizations with an internal IT staff can also benefit greatly from automation. 

By partnering with a Managed IT company who utilizes costly automation tools, you get the best of both worlds.  Your company gets a big boost in data security, your IT team can focus their time on your staff, and you probably save a few bucks!

Be Smart.  It’s Time to Automate.

And go spend focus on doing FUN things!



Hackers sit in their caves searching for holes in widely-used software code.  When they find one, they create a virus and blast it out to millions of unsuspecting users. 

Microsoft (for instance) learns of this, writes code to ‘patch’ (or repair) the hole, and sends the ‘patch’ to you.  If you ignore prompts to install the patches, you might as well put out the welcome mat for the bad guys!