Apple Devices Compromised


Fox News is reporting today that more than 1 Million Apple device ID’s were stolen from the FBI.  If that isn’t enough, up to 12 million more may be compromised!

Hackers compromise security of Apple iPhone usersThanks to the disregard of Apple’s security guidelines by iOS game and app developers, it is possible to determine a user’s identity through an UDID (unique device identification number) alone.

These compromised UDID’s were posted online by hackers.  If YOUR information was compromised, please contact us immediately.

Apple computer DIDs hackedThe Apple UDID is assigned to each device on the Apple network.  If you are a user of an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we urge you to determine if your DID is compromised.

To further safeguard your devices, seriously consider Action DataTel’s managed security program.  If you’re not sure where your device security stands, give us a call and we can help determine your status.

Security software is necessary for any device which accesses the internet, which isn’t just your computer anymore!  If you use wireless networks, or access the internet through your cell phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet pc, etc. – you need internet security software.

ESET NOD 32 Internet Security
ESET NOD 32 Internet Security

For trouble-free  access, get ESET Internet Security from Action DataTel.  We keep track of your security updates and are notified immediately if your device comes in contact with a virus.

Action DataTel provides computer and mobile device security, management, monitoring and data backup for pc and Apple devices.  Contact us today to find out how your computers and mobile devices (either pc or Apple) can be secured, backed up, monitored and managed for only pennies per day!

Using Industry Best Practices, Action Datatel helps keep your system secure by patching known security holes on your systems, keeping security software  up to date, backing up your critical data,  all automatically for pennies per day.

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