SECURITY WARNING – Apple iTunes & Microsoft IE

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

caution iTunes security alertLast Friday, a new security vulnerability in the MS Internet Explorer web browser was discovered.

This security vulnerability can allow a hacker to exploit a flaw in the program and remotely take control of your computer.  With remote control, a hacker can potentially harvest your personal information such as passwords, banking information, and more.

Please stop using the Internet Explorer browser program NOW!  We will advise you when it is safe. Instead, use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

You can download Mozilla Firefox here: or Google Chrome here:

Many security Experts, including Action Datatel, are recommending you stop using IE until Microsoft releases a software update which fixes (patches) this security hole.   For more information, read more here:

If you must use Internet Explorer (as some online applications require it) contact Action DataTel for further instructions @ 541-494-2099, or check out the Microsoft Official workaround here:



Apple iTunes

A potentially dangerous Apple ITunes vulnerability exists which allows remote attackers access.  Once accessed, these hackers can launch arbitrary code (virus programs).

Hackers are also causing Denial of Service attacks, which overload your electronic device, cause memory corruption and crash applications, rendering it virtually unusable in your hand.

For more information about Apple iTunes – read more here:

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