Top 5 reasons you’re going to get hacked

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I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

Preventing disease is a noble cause and one I’m sure you don’t take lightly.

Within the realm of computers in your office, the same best practice applies, “An ounce of  prevention is worth a pound of cure“.Unless you’ve been sleeping through the news lately, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is getting hacked!  Why is this happening?  Keep reading… 2 minutes.learn if you're going to get hackedRecently we learned that Home Depot was targeted and just today, another security vulnerability for Windows XP was published.

Top 5 reasons you’re going to get hacked:

1.     The computers in your office are out of date!

    •  No commercial antivirus
    •  3rd party software such as Java, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox and others.
    •  Windows patches are not updating automatically.
2.    The office staff are using weak and or shared passwords
    •  ‘Password‘ is not a strong password.  Neither is ‘Pass12345‘.
    •  A sticky note on the screen or under the keyboard (not compliant)
    •  There are no passwords
    •  You and your staff use the name of the business/practice for a password, or for all your passwords.
3.    You’re still sending patient X-Rays or other personal information in insecure email.
    •  Most email systems are NOT encrypted.  Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and others do NOT encrypt the message content.  Anyone can read the message, and hackers are reading messages every day.
4.    You still use a memory stick or removable drive, which you carry with you in your purse, briefcase, or vehicle, for backup.Top 5 reasons you're ging to get hacked
    •  Eventually, you will lose a memory stick, or hard drive.  Worse, someone will break in and take it.
    •  Most backups are not encrypted.  If you lose that memory stick, anyone can get your client files.
5.    You are just too busy to deal with computer and network security.  Besides, why would someone want to hack your office anyway? 
YOUR OFFICE IS A TARGET – Small businesses are very vulnerable and hackers know this to be true.  Think about it.  It can come down to losing your business, or getting some help to  prevent a security breach.
It’s time for some prevention.  Get help from a professional.
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