W A R N I N G – Hard drive failure

Believe it or not, I experienced a hard drive failure yesterday!


Yes, your hard drive is failing too.   What??  Why?  When???   


The good news is…we can usually know when a hard failure is imminent.  If we’re monitoring your computer systems using our RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) platform, many times we can predict failure… but sometimes, eventually they all just die!


Yesterday’s event proves that even computer geeks & gurus have technology failures.  Just like the engine in your car, hard drives are man-made devices.  ALL will fail eventually – and in some cases prematurely!


Yesterday, yours truly had a nice day planned, then one of our servers suffered a “premature” hard disk failure.  I mean TOTAL failure.  All our data – ALL GONE!   

Can you afford to re-create all your financial history or Client Data?  What about digital photos? You can’t recreate those….

Well, gone from the hard drive, but not quite COMPLETELY gone.  You see, we had a viable recent backup from June 1st.  So, this event really became a relatively simple maintenance matter.  A big hiccup in my nice schedule, but not a critical data loss.  All I had to do was install a new hard disk drive and run the restore application.  In short order, a major disaster was recevered to a minor inconvenience.


However, this is NOT how all hard disk failure stories end.  Most people who use computers will suffer at least one data loss event in their life.  Normally, it involves business financial data, contact lists, email, documents, and in some cases business and family photos. 

In short order, a major disaster was averted…. 

Will your data loss be recoverable, like mine was?  Or will it be a disaster – permanently losing irreplaceable data or digital photos?  Are you backing up your data every day?  Are your backups tested for successful restoral?  Do you receive email notifications when your automated backups succeed and fail?


It’s really up to you.  Automated remote data backups  are simple to set up.  They are typically scheduled for your “off” hours, so you aren’t inconvenienced by them slowing down your computer.  And for around $15/mo – you can’t afford NOT to have them!

For many businesses, automated OFFSITE backups are a regulatory requirement.

We would love to meet you and give you a no cost Backup and Disaster Recovery Evaluation.  It’s simple and easy and will let you know where you stand in case a “data disaster” like mine occurs.  Managed onsite and remote offsite cloud backups are hard drive failureavailable, starting at $15 per month for “unlimited” data.


If you’re already a remote backup client, you can add our “Instant Restore” feature to your account starting at $5 per month.  This gives you another copy of your data stored on a server across town.  This adds an additional layer of redundancy, and can significantly speed up a backup restore, particularly if a lot of data is involved.  Your files can be restored within minutes instead of the days (depending on size of data store) it normally takes to download your backup from the cloud.