How to Keep Your Data OFF the Dark Web

You don’t have to use the Dark Web to encounter one of the most common issues with it: the sale of your private data (such as bank account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and more).

Software and firewalls are easily breached by Hackers, who acquire this information then sell it on the Dark Web to other criminals. With a few clicks, someone can steal your entire life. If that isn’t scarier than a clown, I don’t know what is.

You don’t do bare minimum for your patients or clients, so why would you do the bare minimum when keeping your business safe? Antivirus is JUST THAT when it comes to your digital security.

Here are four important practices to implement to protect your precious data:

  1. Keep your eye out for suspicious emails.

    keep your data off the dark webEven if you see an email in your inbox from a known sender, double check to ensure the email address is legitimate, and expected! Check for signs of poor spelling or grammar, and hover your mouse over links before opening to verify where they are sending you. If you are informed that your account is suspended, there is fraudulent activity, etc, type the site in directly to your browser. Following potential phishing links can result in your information becoming compromised and subsequently sold on the dark web.

  2. Take data breaches seriously.

    The news reports when a large corporation has been compromised and had some sort of breach. Pay attention to these reports in case it involves a company that may hold your personal information. You can also subscribe to  Data Breach Today to receive alerts. Keep an eye on your bank statements and credit card usage. Regularly check your credit reports to ensure the information is accurate and there isn’t anything fraudulent showing up.

  3. Choose long and unique passwords.

    There is a sophisticated software that hacker’s use that runs 24/7/365. With this method (called Brute Force Hacking) they can try hundreds of thousands of passwords within seconds. The shorter your password is, the easier it is to crack. Choose a 16-character long password with a variety of cases, letters and symbols. Use a different password for every log-in, and use a password manager like Password Safe to generate and manage them. DO NOT store them in Google Passwords or on anything other than a secure Password Manager! Follow the corresponding links for more information about setting strong passwords or about password managers.

  4. Make sure your entire team stays up-to-date with their cyber security training.

    Cyber Security is a compliance requirement. You and your team members are the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of security breaches through human error, negligence or naivety. Education is the best way to combat this. It isn’t super complicated either. We offer NO COST cyber security training! (

Even doing everything in your power to prevent your data from being stolen, there are some things that are best left to your IT Provider. Software monitoring and Dark Web monitoring are two of these things. We have multiple plans available for IT Support in Medford, Oregon.

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