Cell phone location privacy

No location privacy?  Your cellphone tracks your every move.  That’s right.

While on your cell phone, we have an expectation of location privacy, don’t we?

The United States of America’s Federal Communications Commission mandated that ALL US based cell phones contain a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver and transmit the phones location to the wireless service provider.  The location information has been made available under the notion that emergency responders need to be able to know the mobile users location in an emergency situation when the caller dials 911.  Of course wireless service providers have the ability to track your every move… and potentially are storing that data.  No location privacy.

Many news agencies are now reporting about a story that broke in the UK regarding Apple’s IPhone.  Apparently the phone is storing the location and time information in a text file on the device and syncing it to the user’s PC.  Again, no location privacy.

Clearly a security concern!  Read the original article here.


Here is a link to an application that maps the information stored in your phone.

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Please take appropriate measures to ensure you are not installing a Trojan on your IPhone!