Why Have a Data Backup?

10 Reasons to have a Managed Data Backup of Critical Business Computer Data

1. There are two kinds of hard drives – those that have failed and those that will! Having a continuous data backup on an external drive is good, but you must (by law in some cases) also have an encrypted offsite (cloud) backup.

2. Can you afford a $50,000 fine? That’s right, $50,000! The United States HIPAA and HITEC Acts require certain providers to have encrypted offsite backups of their patient data. If there is a data breach or loss and you are unable to produce the data, you can be fined up to $50K per occurrence!

3. How do you know if your data is actually being backed up every night? Do you receive an email notification when the backup succeeds or fails?

4. Does your current backup and disaster recovery plan have a Local (regional) instant restore process? Do you know how long it takes to download 50GB of data over the internet? It could take several days. Can you wait that long to restore lost data?

5. Does your current provider regularly test your data backups? Sometimes, things function as planned, and sometimes they go terribly wrong. Make sure your backups are restored from time to time to verify they’ll work when you need them most.

6. Do you really have time to deal with data backup and recovery strategy? Most small business owners and managers are very busy running their business. We manage all your information technology needs from Computers, Servers, Email and of course your backups. It’s what we do, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

7. Unlimited online (cloud) data storage fees start at only $29/month. How can you afford not to take advantage of security for such a reasonable price?

8. Our data backup service is encrypted, secure, robust and stored in 96 locations across the United States. An additional backup is stored locally for instant restore. Action DataTel’s solution meets or exceeds the HIPAA/HITEC requirements for offsite data backup.

9. Maybe you think carrying an external backup drive home at night is a good way to have offsite backup. What if it’s stolen from your vehicle when you make a quick stop at the store? More than likely, that data is NOT encrypted and anyone can get access to your critical files. Is it really worth the worry or risk?

10. You really want to sleep better at night? Stop worrying and make “One Call to Action” with Action DataTel!

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