HIPAA Compliance

Streamline your HIPAA Compliance in Medford with Simplify & Comply and this step-by-step process

dental office staff using Simplify & Comply HIPAA Compliance in MedfordUse the comprehensive web-based tool to:

  • Follow a simplified set of tasks to reach compliance
  • Create Customized Policies, Procedures and Forms
  • Print easy-to-read reports
  • Manage Individual Online employee training
  • Track document and policy changes
  • Maintain Vendors (Business Associates)
  • Track employee training, attestation and vendor risk
  • Assess your company’s compliance progress
  • Log Audits and Breaches
  • Maintain historical compliance timeline

Just log in to your Customized Simplify & Comply HIPAA Compliance Dashboard and follow the steps

Simplify & Comply HIPAA DashboardGet REAL Control of Compliance.  Get Simplify & Comply.

Simplify & Comply HIPAA Management Dashboard1 –  Welcome! Let’s talk and get your Dashboard started.
2 – Set up – Select a plan. We’ll set up your Company.  Send your employee list & we’ll set them up, too!
3 – Training – Set your staff up to be trained.  They log in & test on their individual schedule.

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