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Does an annual training and a dusty HIPAA binder on your shelf mean you're compliant??  Sorry to say - you're far from it.the 5 areas of HiPAA Compliance

Compliance is all about training, documentation and tracking.  When you have a full-time job, there just isn't time to squeeze it in.  The answer is Simplify & Comply Online HIPAA Management Portal.

With HIPAA and HITECH now required by law, never be without an annual in-depth Security Risk Analysis, ongoing employee training, Policies, Procedures, encrypted email, or encrypted offsite data backups.

Compliance has 3 Critical Steps. Assess, Analyze, Execute!

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Simplify & Comply's simple-to-use online HIPAA management dashboard shows you, at a glance, where your company is located on the road to compliance.  Features include:

  • On-demand individual Employee training - no more closing the office for a day for group training!
  • A complete set of Policies and Procedures, customizable for YOUR specific business or medical practice
  • Multiple forms, customizable for YOUR business or medical practice
  • Individual Employee training schedule - set it up annually, or even quarterly - YOU choose
  • New employee training, so they are trained according to regulations
  • Track Business Associate Compliance!Simplify and Comply HIPAA Management Dashboard
  • Track your Businesses document & Policy changes
  • Score and Track your Practice's Compliance Health
  • More!!

Get REAL Control of Compliance.  Get Simplify & Comply.

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3 - Training - Set your staff up to be trained.  They log in & test on their individual schedule.

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