Microsoft and 3rd Party Software Updates

It’s crazy to think your car never needs maintenance, or that it’s “Ok” to drive without insurance right?

You bet!   But guess what – over 50% of businesses operate every day with expired Microsoft and 3rd Party Software Updates!

Even worse, 50% of computers are infected with some kind of malware and up tsoftware updateso 80% are vulnerable.  How can that be?  Well, my friends, it about patches, aka software updates.   Call us now for more information:  888-468-6301  or read on.

Microsoft software is supposed to be updated automatically.  The problem is most people ignore the updates.  This leads to infection from un-patched software vulnerabilites, or worse.

But running Microsoft software updates fixes everything, right?  Not even close!  Dozens of 3rd Party Software applications, like Chrome, Firefox, Java, Open Office, Adobe Reader, Safari, Flash and more need to be updated and maintained, too.  Microsoft does not even attempt to determine if these applications are current or patched. Get your software updates today.

What’s the big deal anyway?  Well, I’ll tell you.  The unpatched computers with vulnerabilities are exploited by Cyber Criminals EVERY DAY, in EVERY CITY in the USA.  You could be next!

Get software updates today  – contact us to get automatic patch management for just pennies per day for your computer!  Do it now before someone in Europe or Asia empties your bank account!

Don’t fret over software pop-ups. Let Action DataTel automate this process and take your headache away!

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