HIPAA Compliance & Regulations

So you think you’ve got HIPAA Compliance covered?  What about SARBOX, PCI and Document Retention?

Does the HIPAA Act even apply to your business?

What about PCI Compliance?    The Patriot Act?     Oregon’s Identity Theft Protection Act?

We're serious about HIPAA complianceHow can Action DataTel help?  Peace of Mind.  Yes, this sounds like a marketing tagline, but in reality this is what we do.

The highly skilled, friendly and passionate staff at Action DataTel employs cutting edge Professional Management Software, the latest technology management techniques, and an undying tenacity to proactively improve the efficiency, speed and reliability of your Information Technology Systems.

We’re serious about HIPAA Compliance

Our team proactively monitors and manages your business technology assets 24/7/365.  You are assured that all your valuable paperless data is protected, encrypted, backed up offsite, and available to you when the unexpected happens.

Only Action DataTel offers a comprehensive services package that virtually eliminates the need for other providers, and at a very affordable price.  Let us be your “Virtual Chief Information Officer”!

Action DataTel’s automated systems help provide government compliance with HIPAA, SARBOX, PCI and email and document retention.  This support and management provides you with peace of mind.  Do you know that you must maintain electronically recoverable copies of many types of email messages?  Are you sending unencrypted medical or dental images over the email? Do you have time to worry about these compliance issues?

Compliance can affect your business if you engage in such basic activities as:

  • accepting credit cards
  • billing electronically for medical services
  • having clients in certain industries or outside the country

The potential fines for non-compliance are devastating and would pay our service fees for a year or more!

Compliance can affect your business

Some of the US Government requirements include:

Running a successful practice or business is difficult and rewarding.  Staying ahead of government regulations and requirements is a critical component in keeping more of the fruits of our labor.  Don’t let something as simple as the lack of an email retention policy, or failing remote backups cause your business to be fined.

“One Call to Action” today can solve those pesky requirements and finally give you Peace of Mind.

It’s not worth the risk. Click Here to schedule your Compliance Audit today.