Voice over IP – VoIP

VoIP PhonesVoIP, or voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), offers a better, more economical way to communicate with your business partners, customers, and vendors by using high-speed Internet connections to make and receive phone calls.

If you’re currently using an older analog business phone system – especially for long distance and international calls – voice-over-IP can save you money while providing increased flexibility for you and your staff. Action DataTel can evaluate your current needs and offer Southern Oregon VoIP solutions to replace or enhance your current business phone system.

Action DataTel has VoIP solutions that offer:

  • Low costs for hardware, service and upgrades
  • Free Rate Plan Analysis – We can save you up to 20%
  • Enhanced features that are unavailable with traditional business phone systems
  • Southern Oregon-based installation, maintenance, and service
  • Migration from your existing system to Voice-over-IP
  • VoIP analog failover

Compare to traditional Key Systems

Our VoIP PBX systems provide hundreds of features not found on traditional Key System / PBX phone systems. Plus, with our business phone systems you won’t need to make a big capital investment in hardware that will quickly become obsolete. We use State of the Art open standards VoIP Phones and Asterisk based PBX hardware.

VoIP allows you to access your phone system anywhere there is an Internet connection, anywhere in the world. It’s a smart option for budget-minded businesses – especially those that have a traveling or work-at-home workforce. Since Voice-over-IP can easily be used with wireless connections, your employees can access your phone system while at home in Southern Oregon or on the road. And VoIP systems offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust and expand your services as your business needs change.

Action DataTel is a value added agent for many great telephone and internet service providers.

Give as a call @ 888-468-6301 or fax your current phone / internet bill and we will provide a no cost rate analysis usually saving you up to 20% on your internet and telephone services.  Fax: 541-494-2099   Alternatively, scan and email to helpdesk@actiondatatel.com

Contact Action DataTel today to learn how you can save using VoIP.