Disaster Recovery

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan part of your business?

None of us wants to consider that disaster could strike, but it can happen.  This is where a disaster recovery plan comes to the rescue.disaster recovery plan

Hope is NOT a strategy.  You can avoid an unrecoverable data disaster if your backup plan is comprehensive.  We can verify your backups, and using our hybrid backup strategy we create a plan that will get you a good night’s sleep.

Our disaster recovery plans for your business data include onsite disk imaging for quick restores and cloud backup for redundancy and compliance.   Check out remote backup.

In the case of a fire or theft:

  • Where is your client data?
  • Your financial data?
  • Can you easily retrieve it?

In the case of an earthquake or natural disaster:

  • Does your office have a Disaster Plan?
  • Where will your staff meet?
  • Are your patient records secure?

In most cases, Action DataTel can recover data from your hard drive, external drive or flash drive.

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