Data Backup

Secure Offsite / Cloud Data Backupdata security

Your business depends on your critical data. Your most precious and valuable data is on your computer. Financial data, client records, irreplacable photos.   Is it backed up? Is it safe?

If you lost this valuable data on your computers, how would you reach any of your business goals? Could your business even survive? Most businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss NEVER recover.

Federal compliance rules require offsite secure data backup. Do you have a Federal Compliance Plan?

We can help you protect your data and IT infrastructure from loss due to natural disasters, network failures, viruses, and theft. Protect your data – and your business’ future – with our backup and recovery services.

Protect Your Business with:

  • Military-grade Encrypted data backups
  • Backups stored in secure offsite data centers
  • HIPAA Compliant backups
  • Conveniently scheduled automated backup of your files and folders
  • An offsite copy of your data that is available within minutes in the event of a system failure
  • Overnight delivery of your data to you anywhere in the continental US

All this is part of an affordable monthly program, with no unexpected fees or hassles.  This is a secure Managed Cloud backup solution. We manage this backup service for you!

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