Windows 7 is Retiring!

DEADLINE: Jan 14, 2020

Microsoft support for Windows 7 & Server 2008 ENDS in January, 2020

2020 is less than a full year away and the date looms large on the calendar. The “End of life” of Windows 7 and Server 2008 means the software developer (Microsoft) will no longer issue security patches or fix flaws and bugs in the software.
Your computer may still run with the Windows 7 operating system – but only at substantial risk to your business security and data safety.
“Failure to upgrade your software leaves you increasingly vulnerable to data and financial losses.”
Why talk about this now?
As you plan your budget for 2019, factor in the cost of upgrading or replacing any desktop or laptop running Windows 7. Workstation upgrades or replacements should be planned and rolling several months before January 14, 2020.

Don’t forget to identify any servers running Windows Server 2008.  These will also need upgrading or replacement.

Planning ahead gives your company time to work with a trusted IT provider to transition smoothly and avoid any down time or interruptions. If you have several workstations to replace, it also gives you time to distribute the cost over several months.
Why does upgrading matter?
Failure to upgrade your operating system leaves you with nothing more than a rowboat full of holes.  Sure, it might get you across the lake, but it IS sinking, and you WILL get wet.  While unpatched holes in software don’t require bailing water from the hull, they do provide an open door to your computer data and files,  This unauthorized access makes it easier for your business to be breached.
Further, if yours is a compliance-governed business, failure to upgrade your operating system means you are no longer in compliance.  In today’s internet-connected world, cyber security plays a larger role than ever before.
Advance planning and the assistance of a trusted IT professional is key.
Navigating the coming “End of Life” deadline for Windows 7 will require a thoughtful strategy that takes cost, time, and security into consideration. Conducting an assessment of your company’s current infrastructure is the first step to identifying any coming vulnerabilities.
Key steps to take:
  • Plan for necessary employee training to avoid downtime
  • Develop a timeline for any upgrades or replacements
  • Build hardware upgrades or replacements into 2019 budget
What’s my next step?
If you’re working with an IT professional, you should already be discussing your plan.  If you are seeking an IT partner, please give us a call.
We’ve helped many clients navigate situations just like this one, and we understand what businesses need to survive and thrive in today’s challenging cyber security environment.
If you have any questions or need more information about the coming “End of Life” for Windows 7, contact Action DataTel today. 
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