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Thank you for using Action DataTel’s Website Management Tool.

All website owners associated with Action Data are highly encouraged to enlist the reporting in this management tool.  Our dashboard pulls together reporting and metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more!  Successful small business website owners use tools such as this to keep their finger on the pulse of their website and social activity.

If you’re not yet using our management tool, contact us!  We can get you set up right away.

Your report contains terminology used in Search Engine Optimization and website metrics.  Some definitions are listed below.

Competitors: Store and monitor broad-view data about your competitors’ websites.

• Quality: Overall Quality Ranking of the website
• MozRank: A quality score from Moz (a ranking company) indicating a website or domain’s popularity.
• Authority: A score of the likelihood of ranking in Google’s search results.
• Pages: a URL that was actually crawled successfully and included in the index.
• Links: URLs that were found to be referenced from one or more of the crawled pages, but the link itself has not been crawled yet (or the crawl was attempted but it failed for one reason or another).

SEO Metrics: A report using the data from Google Analytics traffic. This report is based solely on organic (unpaid) search engine traffic. Report can compare your site with two competitors.

• External Backlinks: Total number of unfiltered links from external websites pointing to your website.
• Citation Flow: Predicts how influential your website might be based on how many sites link to it. The scale is 1-100.
• Trust Flow: Predicts how trustworthy your site is based on how trustworthy its linked neighbors are. The scale is 1-100.
• Domain Authority: A score of how likely a website is to rank in Google’s search results.
• mozRank: A quality score from Moz indicating your website’s popularity.
• mozTrust: A quality score from Moz based on a 1-10 scale.

Keyword Manager:  Load, organize, and store keywords.

• Visits: Number of visits per Google Analytics
• Chart: Traffic in this reporting period
• Local Vol: Local Google Search Network Volume
• Global Vol: Global Google Search Network Volume
• Adv Comp: Google AdWords Competition Index
• Req: Requested Links matching Anchor Text
• Act: Active Links matching Anchor Text

Backlink Report:  A “backlink” is unique per page. However, each link on a page can contain a different anchor text.

A “unique link” is a single link to your site. For instance, one page can contain 5 individual links, all with different anchor text.

Backlink counts tend to be more meaningful as a statistic than individual, or unique link counts. Typically our reporting lists unique links accompanied by anchor text. NOTE: This often leads to the number of rows returned for a given report being different than the number of backlinks quoted and is quite normal.

• Source URL: The URL which is linking to your website.
• ACRank: simple measure of how important a particular page is (rated 1-15)
• Anchor Text: the visible text on a page which links to your site.

Facebook Management Report:

• Reach: the number of unique people who received a display of a Page post. This does not count whether someone clicked on a post.
• Engaged Users: the number of unique people who’ve clicked, liked, commented on or shared your Page posts.
• Talking About This: a combination of (1) the number of unique people who’ve clicked on, liked, commented on or shared your posts and (2) Page mentions, check-ins and posts by other people on your Page
• Virality (Engagement Rate): the percentage of people who have created a story from your Page post divided by the total number of people who’ve seen it.

Site Engagement:

• Organic Traffic: traffic that comes to a website via unpaid links from other sites such as search engines, directories, and third party websites. This is the most beneficial and longest-lasting traffic type.

Google Analytics Summary: Compares your Google Analytics results of the last calendar month to the previous month.

• Referrers: Referral traffic; or traffic which comes directly from another website. These views did not originate from a search engine term search.

Content Insights: Uses Google Analytics data to report which pages on your website receive the most landing traffic

Site Metrics: Nearly two dozen metrics are collected and shown here.

• Load Time (URL): In milliseconds, this is how fast it takes this URL to load in a browser.
• Page Speed: the speed at which the page loads. (low=slow; high=fast)
• www Redirect: Your page redirects from to
• robots.txt: Your page has a robots.txt file that blocks unwanted automated traffic.
• Google Analytics: Your page has Google Analytics running on it.
• Crawlability: Whether or not your site has rules that would prevent search engines from crawling your pages.
• Malware Detection: Whether or not your website contains potentially malicious software.
• mozRank (Root): The combined mozRank for all of the pages on a given root domain, averaged into a 1-10 scale.
• Quality Analyzer: the overall quality rating of your site.

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