TOP 5 Business Security Risks

Have you assessed your Business Security Risks?

The top 5 most often overlooked business security risks:

1.      Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • When your current IT service company business security risksprovides you with a monthly report detailing the current status of your computers, servers and network does it include test results of your backups?  If not, how do you know if your backup will work when it comes time to restore?
  • Does your current IT service company provide a hybrid of onsite and offsite “cloud” backup solution for fast recovery?
  • Did you know SARBANES OXLEY & HIPPA compliance requires Covered entities must “Establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information?”  Do you have procedures in place for offsite backup and disaster recovery plans?
  • Action Datatel provides 24X7 monitoring of your data and notifies you if a backup process fails.  We instantly take action to rectify the business security risk.

2.      Anti-Spy / Anti-Virus

  • Do your current IT reports contain the current threat status, number of machines scanned, definitions status and what if any threats were detected?
  • We offer Automated Endpoint security updates and monitoring.
  • We offer Instant email notification of detected threats and monthly digest reporting.

3.      Physical & Staff Security

  • Does each staff member have their own unique user ID and password?
  • Are passwords changed at least every 90 days
  • Do workstations automatically lock after a certain amount of inactivity?
  • Do you screen new hires?

4.      Data loss from power flux

  • Are all systems protected with a battery backup?  If you have battery backups, did you know they must be tested and possibly replaced every 2-3 years?
  • Action DataTel provides power management services.

5.      Operating System Updates

  • Are you sure your computers and servers are up to date?  This is called “patch management”.  If you systems are patched and up to date, good… but how do you know?
  • Action DataTel provides automatic patch management and monitoring.

For assistance locating and resolving your business security risks, contact us.  We are anxious to learn about your business and tighten up the security holes.