SEMINAR: The Cost of Cyber Crime

Risk Management and Business Security Seminar

Join Us for Continuing Education – The Cost of Cyber Crime

 Learn to identify incoming Cyber threats and stop them 

data security when you know about cyber crimeOf all the risks Medical and Financial Professionals manage, Cyber Risk can be the most damaging and unpredictable.

Join Cyber Security Analyst Eric Engebretson of Action DataTel to discuss simple steps you can take to:

  • better secure your business,  
  • better safeguard your critical business data, and  
  • better protect your staff and family.

You’ll leave with steps you can immediately take to simplify and improve cyber security in your office.

    •  3 ways to protect against effective email threats like Phishing
    •  10 methods of protecting your client’s confidential PII
    •  See Cyber Crime through the lens of a hacker
    •  Protect critical business data
    •  3 simple steps that empower staff to be partners in security

Office staff educated on cyber crimeIf you are in a compliance regulated businesses, you may have a legal obligation to educate your staff and to exercise “Reasonable Diligence” to protect your computer network.

This means you are money ahead if you encourage your staff to learn about Cyber Security.

Exercising an elevated level of care and prudence when using the internet protects your business and your families.

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Thursday, Oct 4th – Rogue Regency Medford – 11:30-1:30 – $39

Thursday, Oct 11th – River’s Edge Grants Pass – 11:30-1:30 – $39

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Number of staff attending

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 Cyber vigilance…perfected for Small Business!   

  OUR MISSION: to empower your small medical, dental or compliance-burdened business to be productive during the day, and sleep better at night by increasing security & protection for your valuable business data.