HHS Wall of Shame – HIPAA Violations

Concerned about HIPAA? You should be.  HIPAA is real, and enforcement has begun.

Does YOUR medical office still… medical patient history phi

  • attach an x-ray to an email?
  • share computer login information?
  • keep data backups in your desk drawer?

If so, it’s time to get serious about HIPAA compliance!

If your business is breached and any PHI is exposed, you have an obligation to report the breach. Once reported, these security violations become part of the public record. HHS lists these violations on their website for all the world to see.  If you have not received a Complete Risk Assessment, please call for your appointment TODAY.

An excerpt from the breach report:

Covered entity State People affected Date Type Info location
Mosaic Medical Oregon 2,207 3/5/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Paper/Films
Advance Rehabilitation & Consulting Georgia 570 3/2/15 Hacking/IT Incident Network Server
St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care Center Indiana 63,325 2/27/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Paper/Films
Raymond Mark Turner, MD Nevada 2,153 2/26/15 Theft Laptop
Marketing Clique Texas 8,700 2/20/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Other
Hunt Regional Medical Partners Texas 3,000 2/18/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Other
Pathway to Hope Florida 600 2/12/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Email
Tomas, Arturo Illinois 680 2/9/15 Loss Paper/Films
Senior Health Partners, a Healthfirst company New York 2,772 2/6/15 Theft Laptop, Other Portable Electronic Device
Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Ohio 5,000 2/5/15 Improper Disposal Paper/Films
South Sunflower County Hospital Mississippi 19,000 2/4/15 Improper Disposal Paper/Films
Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation Tennessee 56,694 2/2/15 Theft Other Portable Electronic Device
UMass Memorial Medical Group Massachusetts 14,100 1/30/15 Theft Other
Riverside County Regional Medical Center California 7,925 1/29/15 Theft Laptop
David E. Hansen, DDS, PS Washington 2,000 1/29/15 Theft Other Portable Electronic Device, Paper/Films
North Dallas Urogynecology Texas 678 1/29/15 Theft Laptop
Diana S. Guth DBA Home Respiratory Care California 1,285 1/28/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Email
St. Peter’s Health Partners New York 5,117 1/23/15 Theft Other Portable Electronic Device
Ronald D. Garrett-Roe, MD Texas 1,600 1/23/15 Hacking/IT Incident Desktop Computer
California Pacific Medical Center California 845 1/23/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Electronic Medical Record
Rainier Surgical Inc. Texas 4,920 1/16/15 Theft Paper/Films
National Pain Institute Florida 500 1/15/15 Improper Disposal Desktop Computer, Laptop
Tennessee Rural Health Improvement Association Tennessee 79,000 1/13/15 Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Other
Inland Empire Health Plan California 1,030 1/12/15 Theft Desktop Computer
Aspire Indiana Indiana 43,890 1/7/15 Theft Laptop

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