HIPAA Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

Cyber Security Awareness Seminar – No Charge!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at Brookside Inn

Complementary Lunch by Sunrise Cafe of Medford

HIPAA cyber securityInformation systems security breaches lead to identity theft, extortion, reputation degradation and are usually extremely detrimental to businesses. Preventable cyber security attacks typically cause the loss of customers, employees and valuable company information. Once information has been stolen, it is virtually impossible to put it back in the “safe”.  Cyber Security Awareness Training is one effective means of preventing cybercrime, and is required under HIPAA.

Action DataTel’s Cyber Security Awareness Seminar arms you against the battles for your patient and clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI).  You will learn how to stop Identity Theft in its tracks.

This seminar is tailored for Dental and Medical Covered Entities and Business Associates that are regulated under HIPAA/HITECH.

Here is what you can take back to the office from our seminar:

  • 3 Ways to protect against PHISHING attacks
  • Out of the box quarterly video training system Simplify & Comply
  • Make informed decisions about actual risk in your business
  • Steps you can take today to improve and simplify privacy, security and compliance
  • Complementary lunch provided
  • Seats are Limited, don’t wait!
  • Please RSVP with Names and Contact information before July 15th 2016
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