Consulting and Infrastructure

Technology Consulting and Office Infrastructure

Consulting might be seen by some as superfluous.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.handshake

Troubleshooting and managing computers is probably not your core business function.  Distractions from popups, blue screens, or bad printer connections wastes your time and brings frustration to your day.  Who needs that?

Our specialty IS computers.  We don’t fix teeth, sell furniture, or perform medical exams.  That’s YOUR specialty!

Technology Consulting

Current Technology Assessment –  Your current network is maximized, consolidated, and upgraded to make your business flow more efficient.  In this process, we often cut your monthly expenses as well.

Equipment Upgrades

New Technology Implementation – Adding client signature pads or upgrading your X-ray software can have a far reach.  You may need a video card upgrade or a new internet router to meet the new software requirements.  Involving Action DataTel before you make a technology decision can save you frustration.

Software Upgrades

Our Consulting and Infrastructure Services

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