Secure encrypted email service

Secure Encrypted Email protects sensitive business communications

reading glassesEmail has become an indispensable and mission critical communications tool used by hundreds of millions of people every day.  The problem is, most emails are not secure! 

The answer?  Secure Encrypted Email Service.

Typically, email is transmitted in clear text which means someone with access could pretty easily intercept an un-encrypted message and use the content for not so nice purposed.

Sending customer or patient data such as personally identifiable information, x-rays, images and the like through an insecure email system is probably a violation of Government data protection compliance regulations (HIPAA, SOX, PCI).

Action DataTel offers a simple to use, secure and reliable Encrypted Email service for a very attractive price.

Our secure encrypted email service is very simple and secure way to send Outlook or webmail.

    • Easy retrieval for the email recipient
    • safely send email so the email messages are HIPPA, GLBA, and/or SOX compliant
    • Securely email PII and PHI

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