Anti-Virus / Security

Anti-virus is not enough anymore! APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Crypto viruses, and spyware can no longer be stopped by just Anti-virus.

We use state of the art best practices to protect, detect and if compromised, remove what is designed to exploit your identity or private information.  Don’t leave the security of your important data to amateurs.

Advanced Persistent Threats

We have the tools and experience to remove bugs and from your systems and keep them secure.  But it all starts with protection.  A commercial paid security Anti-Virus is absolutely necessary.  Action DataTel uses ESET so we can manage and monitor all the elements of your security profile.

Do you experience challenges:

Using the Internet or email systems?
With increasingly “connected” workstations?
With the introduction of greater and greater security threats?

  • Action Datatel uses state of the art, APT blocking software, not black listing. White listing the appropriate applications that are allowed
    on your machines is the only effective method to prevent zero day, and phishing attacks.