Cloud Services

Cloud Computing ServicesCloud Computing Services

Cloud Services allows you the flexibility of adding space for a growing business on the fly without the expense or time constraints of new infrastructure.

Most businesses already use cloud computing in some form.  If you access a specialized program on-demand through the internet, you are using cloud services!  Your data is stored on an internet server in another location, not in your office.

Am I Cloud Computing?

Some examples of cloud computing are:

  • online banking
  • email access from your smartphone or tablet
  • online file sharing
  • social networking, like Facebook
  • photo uploads, shared with friends or family

How is cloud computing relevant to my business?

Using cloud applications makes sense to any growing or changing business.  The cloud affords you instant scalability, and a greater value for your technology investment.

Our Cloud Computing Services

Remote (offsite) Data Backup

Application Hosting

Secure Encrypted email (recommended by HIPAA)

Firewall Log Monitoring and Auditing (a HIPAA requirement)

Microsoft Exchange – Access your Outlook email from your home or mobile pc

Managed Workstation

Sharepoint – share documents and files through a secure ‘intranet’



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