Beef up Anti-Breach Barriers

Since the 1990’s, internet-users everywhere have relied upon Anti-Virus programs to keep us safe from the web-based dangers.

With exponential advances in technology and the internet, traditional anti-virus is no longer enough. It’s the equivalent of a stone-age security tool!

Cyber Attacks are now far more sophisticated and come on many levels and from many directions.  Email phishing, support scams, ransomware – oh, my! Modern businesses are taking security & privacy seriously by adding another necessary layer of protection, Anti-Breach Software.

Who should use behavior-based security?

“Anti-Breach security software should be on every Windows system in the world.”

– Robert Bigman, former CISO, CIA 

Modern businesses, especially those in regulated industries, are taking security and privacy seriously.  Medical, Dentists, Eye Care Professionals, Banks, Insurance, Financial Advisors, and CPAs are just a few.

Rules like HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI all stipulate maintaining positive control of your client’s personal, private data.  If ransomware takes hold of your computer, it has control of your data.  If you lose control of your business data, even for a short time, you have been breached!

How do You Modernize?

Take it to the next level and use ‘managed’ internet security.  The ‘Managed’ service doesn’t just sit there like traditional programs – it actually monitors and reports on the attempted intrusions which are then blocked by the internet security software.

1 – Upgrade your anti-virus to Business-grade Internet Security.  Free software versions are woefully inadequate – ESPECIALLY for business applications.  A good, solid, trusted internet security program is far superior and shouldn’t be more than $70/year (about $5/month).

Internet Security software uses an internal list of ‘known’ malware – just like a flu shot protects against ‘known’ strains of the flu virus.  If a virus or Trojan on this list attempts to launch on your computer, it is rejected.  The shortfall?  If your internal list is not kept up-to-date, you are at risk!

2 – Ban Breaches!  Join the growing number of businesses adding new ‘behavior-based’ Anti-Breach software.  This state-of-the-art technology was developed by some of the best tech minds in the business.

3 – Train your staff – Regularly!  Email is one of the key vehicles for malware.  The bad guys count on your staff being distracted, unaware, or click-happy.

What is Anti-Breach Software?

Anti-Breach Security Software knows how applications are ‘supposed’ to run, and where they are ‘supposed’ to be stored on your computer.  If any program is running from a non-standard location or is launched in a non-standard manner, this ‘behavior-based’ Anti-Breach will block it, and let you go on about your business.  No need to worry about nagging popups which interrupt your workflow.  Anti-Breach will just STOP the nefarious behavior and, of course, log the blocked activity for analysis.

Anti-Breach Advanced Protection Features 

  • Stops the loss and exploit of critical business and client data from advanced malware by preventing it from breaching your systems and accounts in the first place.
  • Stops undetectable attacks from advanced malware: File-less malware, polymorphic malware, ransomware, zero-day malware, weaponized documents, phishing, “malvertisements”, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other forms of sophisticated threats undetectable by conventional protections.
  • Stops advanced threats at their initial attack stages preventing them from “detonating” on your system.
  • Blocks malware that tries to steal your credentials, access critical financial data, or impact your online transactions.
  • Silently protects all your Windows Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

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