Computer Services

Tired of IT Headaches?  Our computer services offer Headache-free solutions:

headache free computer solutions
Got a Computer Headache?


Computer & Server Repair

Viruses, spyware, trojans and lost data?  Our computer services can help.  When your computer is slow, your email won’t open, or that website is giving you the famous “page not found” error, you need help fast!  Give our computer, server and network repair services help desk a call right now @ 866-468-6301 so we can get you up and running right away.

Data Protection and AntiVirus

You run big risks by not properly protecting the information on your PCs, Macs, laptops, and servers. But there are affordable data backup solutions that you can count on for complete access, recovery, and restoration of data from computers and servers, both locally and to an offsite location.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Exchange allows your employees to collaborate as a team and share contacts, calendars, email, tasks and notes. Additionally, Exchange allows you to use as many computers as you would  like…and the information in Outlook is the same on every one!

HIPAA Compliance

Is your business required to comply with HIPAA?  What about the many other Federal and State regulations recently passed regarding electronic transmissions and computer security?  Avoid the fine of $50,000 per occurrence, and let Action DataTel assist you in ensuring you are on the right road to compliance.

Hourly Tech Support

Small business owners seldom need their own IT staff, but they do need dependable computer services and tech resources under a variety of circumstances. Our hourly services tailor IT support to your current technical needs.

Managed Services

The depth and breadth of IT requirements aren’t always readily apparent and tech staff are often under tremendous pressure to juggle both individual and system-wide requirements. If your business has strong support in some areas, but is less agile in others, managed IT computer services may fit the bill for you.

Online Marketing

Baffled by the challenges of marketing your business online? We can help. Our website is designed using WordPress blog software.  It’s search engine friendly, easy to keep up to date, and very reasonably priced!  Marketing your business using a website, pay per click, direct mail, email campaigns are some proven techniques for locating customers who need your products and services.

Hardware as a Service

The high capital costs of IT hardware (as well as ongoing expenses for upgrades and support) can be a headache for small businesses. We offer HaaS solutions at a low monthly rate, giving you the latest hardware, software, upgrades and support you need to stay current with the latest technology while remaining focused and productive.

Hosting Services

Low cost managed website design and hosting services are everywhere.  Action DataTel differs by providing local North American based technical support, and you get to keep all you technical services under one roof.  One call to Action!

Vendor Management

Struggling to set up and maintain relationships with all your technology vendors? Let us help you consolidate those relationships – we’ll deal with them to get you better, faster service while you concentrate on business.

Wireless Internet (WiFi) Networks

Action Datatel offers complete “soup to nuts” WiFi and MESH wireless internet network design, installation, maintenance and support for Municipal Enterprise, Multi-Dwelling Units, and MTU Apartment Complexes.  Whether you’re looking for a simple hotspot for your coffee shop or a multiple Access Points for a Campus Environment, we can deliver.  Over 25 years experience in Enterprise Wireless management.

Video Surveillance

IP Network Video Surveillance Camera systems.  Today, network cameras are everywhere!  For good reason, the world is changing and so are the security needs of small and medium sized business.  We deliver high quality network video surveillance at a fair price.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


Improve the way your company communicates by implementing a VoIP phone system. VoIP uses a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive phone calls – and your monthly costs stay constant, regardless of how many calls you make or the distance between you and the person you call. Plus, our VoIP packages offer support and enhanced features you just can’t get with traditional phone systems.

Rio Networks

Rio Networks, of Roseburg, Oregon is an excellent choice for internet and telecom services.

Charter Internet

The Charter Internet grid is expansive with business Internet speeds up to 100Mb/s X 10Mb/s!

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows businesses and teams to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration.  The result is increased individual and team productivity.  Share files, and more!