Business Clients

Managed Business Services is an affordable option for any type of business client

Whether 3 employees or 50, most business clients these days depend on computers and servers. Your production manager is normally not equipped to repair issues with slow or non-responsive computers.  The production manager doesn’t have time to diagnose computer issues – they need to be doing their job… producing!

Is your current computer guy geek really cutting the mustard?  Get a professional firm that really cares about you and your business.  Action DataTel provides computer repair, server maintenance and network optimization.  We’ll even come to your site and give you a free evaluation.

Maybe you have an inside computer technician.  Do they just sit around and enjoy the company air? On average, an entry level IT support person can cost a company $50K or more per year including benefits.

Instead of hasseling with increased HR costs, join the growing number of business clients and  consider outsourcing?

With outsourced IT, you get the benefit of an entire IT team instead of just one individual.

Outsourced IT Departments:

  • don’t have sick time
  • don’t go on vacation
  • don’t incur payroll taxes
  • don’t require benefits

We are experienced with many industries and the specialized software they use.

Medical / Dental Practices
Restaurant / Hospitality